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MeQ and “Lies”
New Album Release
If artistic freedom is the right phrase, MeQ is the right band
For more than 10 years MeQ keep pushing the envelope in the land of artistic freedom and that is a remark based not only on their sound but also on the general aesthetic approach, familiar for anyone has seen them playing live through all these years
With Costas Anastassopoulos and Valia Tsiblakaki being the core of the band and with the joyful help of some excellent musicians like Yiorgos Kostopoulos (electric bass) and Pit Assbill (electronic drums/backing vocals), MeQ now present their new album entitled “Lies”.
With an ‘aroma’ reminiscent of Tuxedomoon, Hector Zazou and John Cale and blending their own creative ideas, MeQ present in this record thirteen new songs reaching and testing new boundaries.
"Lies" unfolds with charm a unique mix of songs varying from electro dark sounds with a touch of minimalism to frenetic art punk. A hallucinatory boulevard that echoes existentialism, cynicism and skepticism.
Recording, mix and production for "Lies" was in the hand of the band itself while the mastering has the signature of Sara Carter from Music Mix Pro (England).

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New album

pexels-ekaterina-belinskaya cropletters B.jpg

Valia Tsiblakaki - lead vocals, synth
Costas Anastassopoulos - electric violin, e-guitar,  programming, vocals
Yiorgos Kostopoulos - electric bass
Pit Assbill - electronic drums, backing vocals

Virginia Koul - backing vocals (Oblivion)
Mimis Kafousias - backing vocals (Psychotic Screw)

pexels-ekaterina-belinskaya cropletters B_edited.jpg
pexels-ekaterina-belinskaya cropletters B_edited.jpg

Music and lyrics : CostasAnastassopoulos, Valia Tsiblakaki

“Hate U”  electric bass improvisation  by Yiorgos Kostopoulos

“Lies” lyrics by Jason Turbin

Dedicated in loving memory of Virginia Koul

Recorded and mixed at   NoMoneY - Studio  by MeQ

Produced by MeQ
Mastered at  Sara Carter - Music Mix Pro
Cover photo by Ekaterina Belinskaya

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What’s Happening

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Half Note

February 1, 2014

No more lies


Live at Half Note Jazz Club


MeQ - Black Moon Is Rising (The Dying Wonderland Of Lenore Corpse)

February 1, 2014

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